Transportation Design Projects

my ‘portfolio’…its just a collection of minor & major projects & competitions from the 1st & 2nd semesters at NID.

this one’s from the research methodology class. there wasn’t any ‘brief’ as such and we were pretty much free to do anything. i chose the Indian Railways & focussed on the door design w.r.t ergonomics & materials & technology…the current door set is pretty heavily dangerous!

research methodology

research methodology

this one’s from ergonomics of workspaces. again, it was a fairly open-ended brief…the only constraint being, it had to be an area of non-motorized transportation with ‘non-conventional’ seating (or workspace arrangement). the options got exhaustive rather fast & i chose to do the horse-cart or tanga, as its known in India. tangas are hand-fabricated & an industrial approach is nowhere in the vicinity of the way these are ‘manufactured’. these are recreational joy-ride vehicles with a maximum ride time of 20 minutes.

however, the idea was to understand workspaces & propose concepts for optimal usage of the existing workspace.

workspace ergonomics

workspace ergonomics

this one’s the National Automotive Styling Challenge. the brief here surpasses penultimate heights of open-ended-ness – design a truly Indian vehicle!!!!!! (the ultimate being ‘design something for someone 😦 ). this one was done with my batchmates Aditya Narayan & Imlisashi Aier, and we delivered a 5th scale model of the shalabha, and displayed it at the Auto Expo 2008 in New Delhi.

the shalabha evolves from the key aspects of the yoga and the form is a derivation of the grasshopper pose, known as the shalabhaasana.

shalabha won the 2nd prize in the Industry Jury category! πŸ™‚

nasc shalabha

NASC - shalabha

design project – non-motorized transport. this one’s still incomplete…have to finish this if i want to go do my diploma project 😦

design project

design project

this was my entry for the competition that Pininfarina had organized. the brief – to design a premium car for the Indian market.

the cygnus concept is based on dharma & its various elements. the form is derived from the features of a swan, which is a metaphor for dharma.

pininfarina premium car design competition

Pininfarina premium car design competition

doodles & quickies… πŸ™‚




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