The Wreckage of What Used to be Time…

I’ve been away from the whole scene for a while & it’s kinda indefinite as to how much longer it’s gonna be. With Narsil on a never-ending hiatus & with me having pretty much “moved” out of Delhi & Acrid Semblance getting difficult over the distance, I figured it’s time to…move on?

Yeah so I’ve been fiddling around with recording & shit for the past few days. Got a bunch of songs that I’ve recorded & considering the scratch from where I had to start as far as recording/mixing/production goes, it was indeed gonna be a HUGE challenge for me.

Initially, I was trying to get a good sound on a VERY basic setup (Behringer UCG 102, Nuendo 3, AT/GR & Waves)…and was failing miserably, quite obviously. What sounded good on headphones (Behringer HPM1000) sounded like urine dripping on a corrugated aluminium sheet elsewhere!

Then all of a sudden, one fine night, my torrent started working (I still don’t know how) and I immediately downloaded Amplitube Metal. Pardon my usage of “big” words (me still being pretty much a n00b and all that), but I was still not satisfied with the sound I was getting out of AT-metal (though, the cab sim on AT-metal is FAR more superior than that on AT or Guitar Rig 2).

I remembered having stumbled on this a while back, and decided to get into the gritties of it (now that I have a much better amp sim than AT or GR). The cabinet impulses are indeed a boon to us lesser mortals who can’t get within the affordability ranges of good equipment.

So basically, long story cut short, here’s what I’ve been up to down under…

The stuff up there is my first “breakthrough” for a good sound & this is the furthest I’ve reached (considering my 2-day experience with impulses, heaps of crap mixes, equipment issues, academics) in that. I still don’t know goat squat about drum EQ & leads and all that…but I have to start somewhere…

Feedback, crits, love letters…all accepted in cash or kind…of cash 😀


2 Responses to “The Wreckage of What Used to be Time…”
  1. Zilvinas Juraska says:

    Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thanks

    • | zerosymmetry says:

      Thanks for the comment Zilvinas. I tried going to your site but it says is not available.

      For Yahoo listing, I just submitted my sitemap to Yahoo Site Explorer…nothing extra. Cheers!

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